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Android / Android Apk genarated but not opening on device

Android Games
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Joined: 13th Feb 2014
Posted: 13th Feb 2014 17:07
Hi Frieds

I used The game creator online android apk genaration toll , successfully created , when i am installin on device it not working can some one help in this problem, as per instruction

Thirupathi S


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Joined: 2nd Oct 2010
Location: St Petersburg, Florida
Posted: 18th Feb 2014 08:22
There could be multiple issues. The most typical ones are:
-Forgetting to rename your bytecode to "bytecode.byc"
-Forgetting to ZIP the entire "media" folder for your project.
I'm looking at the APK (which is really just a zip file) and I notice that you have a bytecode file in the media directory and then another ZIP file. I tried running that bytecode file and it doesn't do anything. Check your ZIP file again before you upload it.
The structure should be

Make sure that the bytecode is from a project that actually works and has been successfully compile with AGK.

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Joined: 31st Jan 2014
Posted: 21st Feb 2014 18:20 Edited at: 21st Feb 2014 23:27

I used the online apk generator for my galton-board simulation and it worked perfectly on my Galaxy S3.
But before I had to read a lot in these forums. I made the mistake, that i wrote in code "loadimage ("ball.png"), but the file name is "ball.PNG". The error came because of the case sensitive of android. So first only red "x" appeared on the screen.
I haven't had to convert my Galton_Board_mobile.byc to "bytecode.byc". It seems that you don't have to change the byc-file.
I am looking forward for further projects.

Thanks to the forum community for important hints!


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Posted: 24th Feb 2014 06:34

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