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Music & Sound FX / Original Composition - "Swingin' Streets" (inspired by Contrast)

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Posted: 13th Feb 2014 20:51 Edited at: 14th Feb 2014 08:34
Hello, so a little over a month ago I started composing music for my Youtube series called 'Audio reImagined'. It didn't really receive as much feedback as I would've hoped over in Geek Culture, so from now on, I will be posting my songs here.

Every Friday a release a new piece for this series; What I do is grab footage of various video games, cut the audio from the playback, and simply compose something completely new based strictly off of the mood given off by the visuals. I try not to listen to any of the soundtracks ahead of time as to keep each of these tracks 100% my own original work.

My most recent composition is called 'Swingin' Streets' and it is inspired by the video game Contrast. I wanted to make something 50's sounding with a big jazz feel to it, so this is the result of that

You can also check it out on my website if you so choose to here!

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