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Dark GDK .NET / Animation Problem (avi.,wmv. etc)

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Posted: 15th Feb 2014 12:21 Edited at: 19th Feb 2014 14:41
I can get the animation code to compile with no problem, i just cant see the animation on screen :/

dim img as new basic2d.image(512,512)
dim ani as new animation.animation("video.avi")
AnObject.SetTexture(0, img)
ani.Play(img, 0, 0, img.Width, img.Height)

it returns no "nulls" or errors, just a black texture on the object, no sign of any animation.... dose anyone have any ideas why its gone all Houdini on me?

[EDIT] DBP animation demo and vb animation demo, both run but dont display the animation to the object. Ex. the vb animation demo just shows a load of white cubes rotating, but no error messages?

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