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2D All the way! / Pygame player class design

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Joined: 23rd Feb 2014
Posted: 23rd Feb 2014 02:57
I'm fairly new to PyGame, what is the proper way to
define a player class? Right now it inherits from Rect
and it stores images as variables. Is this way OK?
Should I use spiriting? Thanks!

class Player(pygame.Rect):
def __init__(self, cords, size, current_image,
up_image_1, up_image_2,
down_image_1, down_image_2,
left_image_1, left_image_2,
right_image_1, right_image_2,

super().__init__(cords, size)

self.current_image = current_image
self.up_image_1 = up_image_1
self.up_image_2 = up_image_2
self.down_image_1 = down_image_1
self.down_image_2 = down_image_2
self.left_image_1 = left_image_1
self.left_image_2 = left_image_2
self.right_image_1 = right_image_1
self.right_image_2 = right_image_2

self.action = action

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