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iOS and MacOS / Street Food Carts

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Posted: 26th Feb 2014 06:27
Street food carts is a business simulation game on iOS. You will be selling yummilicious edibles and understanding each phase of the business to become street carts tycoon. In this game 6 carts are available and you need to select your cart for playing this games. After selecting your cart you need to add your ingredients and select your selling point for sale your product. It’s a free game and available for iOS devices.

Eye Catchy UI and iPad retina compatible graphics
A 3 by 3 matrix of city environment with walking public and moving traffic
6 different types of American carts namely, Coffee, Cotton Candy, Lemonade, BBQ, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream
User can buy all required ingredients using in game cash
Define custom recipe for each product and analyze the sales trends
Different end user feedback based on quality and price of the product being sold
Game Center integration for Leader boards and different user achievement levels
In- App Purchase to buy different cash bundles to give a tough competition
Play the challenge mode to generate more in-game cash
Comprehensive in-game tutorial for basic understanding


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Ancient Lady
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Posted: 28th Feb 2014 04:13
Right, this is that bot posting its non-AGK games again.

Ancient Lady
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