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iOS and MacOS / ios-light works

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Posted: 3rd Mar 2014 05:12 Edited at: 3rd Mar 2014 05:21
well i wanted to test to see if i could get gps working on ios. I got the latest version of ios to work even though i did not get gps to work. The c version works you just got to change a few things

in xcode 5 change

in the light version you have to do a few things like code sign under the bundle identifier
You also have to change the build settings
-base sdk to ios 7.0
-debug compiler to apple llvm 5.0

I have only got the light version of this to work though. I provided the template for xcode 5

Developer of Space Chips, pianobasic, zipzapzoom, and vet pinball apps. Developed the tiled map engine seen on the showcase. Veteran for the military.


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