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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Stock Weapons on EAI Anims

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Joined: 22nd Apr 2010
Posted: 3rd Mar 2014 19:51 Edited at: 3rd Mar 2014 20:21
hi ..can someone upload this please.. old topic is dead and links too

and are in them Eai anims for model pack 5 and 6 guns?

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Posted: 4th Mar 2014 04:54
You know not what a huge task you are asking for. I suggest you check out some modeling programs, such as Fragmotion and set forth on this journy of learning how to do what you need.

Model pack 66-99 high quality!!
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Posted: 2nd Apr 2014 11:53
I still can access the mediafire link.

This thread. And click the Mediafire link. It's still working.

I love to make games

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