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2D All the way! / [2D GRAPHICS] Need Sprites for Your Games - IGB let's you build them

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Joined: 10th Aug 2004
Posted: 2nd Apr 2014 01:14 Edited at: 2nd Apr 2014 01:15
I'm happy to finally show the project I began years ago. Hello guys remember me I'm a little late on this forum, my project ends soon.

I showed my project to Steam and they were amazed enough with my project to extend a formal invitation to go on Steam. All that's left to make this happen is fund the last phase of my project. Mostly to pay the artists helping me.


Here are the coolest things about IGB:

1) Creating unique creations using thousands of pieces. There are creations kits for weapons, characters, hud's, planets, spaceships, icons, maps, and more. Video available to see this in action.

2) Over 10,000 assets are ready for release on Steam soon after the kickstarter.

3) Steam will provide easy download and updates


(1 spaceship made from over 3000 pieces to choose from)

(many possibilities from the many pieces - Final character design still in flux. I'm in talks with Rpgmakerweb about design)

Even the animations will be in pieces to combine differently

I hope you enjoy my project and look forward to working for you.
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Joined: 30th Mar 2014
Posted: 10th Apr 2014 15:22
Awesome work!
Good luck with your kickstarter.

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