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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Skins? I looked and didn't see, so here goes...

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Joined: 25th Jun 2013
Posted: 7th May 2014 11:02
Okay... so I've been looking around, and I have plenty of the free character models as well as some purchased ones, and I got to thinking.

I wondered why no one put together SKIN packs, variations of the textures used for these base meshes. With a little work and some fine tuning, we could effectively make most of our models fit into dozens of different genres.

Anyone want to help me tackle this idea?

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Posted: 15th May 2014 16:29
Quote: "I wondered why no one put together SKIN packs"

People generally do that for their games. I mean..its a necessity to adjust everything to your games visual style if you take it seriously enough...but! Releasing skinpacks has happened but was generally less well received because they where often either just recolors or photoshop filters (and thus illegal) or not done particulary well.

You see!: You have to replace most of the texture with your own material (not just modify the existing texture with some brushes and filters) for them to be legal and not just a pseudo-rerelease of copyrighted material.

As far as free models are concerned: you will need to ask the original authors for permission.

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