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Dark GDK / map editor

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Joined: 7th Dec 2012
Location: United States
Posted: 15th Jun 2014 12:27
Hello everyone! My name is Nathan England, and I am creating my own 3D map editor that is easy to use and simplistic in design. I would say that I am about 46% complete with the program. Here are the features it currently supports.
Primitive shapes
Exports normal mapping directly into gdk
Player positioning
Enemy positioning
AI implementation
Real time lighting both sun and player
Easy GUI
Overview grid placement with clipping
Object rotation
Animated objects
UpTo 9 imported prefabs in .x with effects
Sparky's collision
I plan to implement
Level lod using assembly to max speed
More prefabs and better file system
More effects like bloom or HDR
Better ai with way points
Terrain editing with texture layers
Water and rivers
Intractable objects like doors

I will upload images either tomorrow or Monday.

If you're interested in this product message me at

If you wish to help which plenty is needed contact me at the same address.

Thank you.

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