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Android / How to increase download of app

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Joined: 25th Jun 2014
Posted: 25th Jun 2014 12:19
Please tell me urgently that how can I increase the download of my android app in Google play store. My app is "Kids learn English number 123"

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Joined: 2nd Oct 2010
Location: St Petersburg, Florida
Posted: 25th Jun 2014 19:44
Urgently? There's no sure-fire way to get people to download your app quickly.
A first tip would be that when you make posts about your game you should include a link. I tried to search for this on the play store and there are MANY apps that come up.
Also, your app title is confusing and sounds like it is coming from a non-english speaker. Would you want to learn a language from an app that misuses that language?
There are many resources out there for how to market your app. Posting a vague question on a forum will not get you help.

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