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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Breakpoints. What and How?

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Joined: 21st May 2014
Posted: 1st Jul 2014 02:29
I'm surprised as a tutorial for this I could not find. I stumbled across breakpoints a few days ago and i'm not sure what they do or how to use them. I thought they condensed an area of code in to a drop down arrow but it only toggles one line. I also don't know how to delete them.
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Posted: 2nd Jul 2014 16:00 Edited at: 2nd Jul 2014 16:01
Breakpoints are used to debug your program, and will pause your program at the line you set a breakpoint.

Debugging allows you to analyse and change the values of all variables, and also allows you to step through the code line by line. It's a great feature to help track down issues in your code.

I once tried to use DBP's debugger, but it's an unusable piece of trash.

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