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Dark GDK / DarkGDK with wxWidgets !

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Joined: 25th Jun 2009
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Posted: 4th Jul 2014 15:58
I've rewritten the initialization of DarkGDK. So I can now let run DarkGDK easily in a child window of an application.
A small disadvantage is, you can not to retrieved the input devices from darkgdk (mouse and keyboard). This task will then take the application.

I like to use wxWidgets in connection with wxFormBuilder. That's why I made ​​the effort.

I've attached the executable with app-source. so you can see how it works

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Posted: 4th Jul 2014 20:49
Nifty Idea..

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Posted: 4th Jul 2014 21:03
oh nice!

For keyboard input, I've never used the DarkGDK commands, I use GetKeyState(). It's pretty direct to the keyboard and independent of focus.

Here's the Microsoft documentation on it:

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