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FPSC Classic Models and Media / HD Terrains by Gencheff

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Posted: 25th Aug 2014 14:57 Edited at: 25th Aug 2014 16:50
Good day to everyone, it has been a while.

Although I've moved away from FPSC and I rarely create 3d art anymore,I've recently started work on an independent mobile hack and slash style game,

Somehow, I've managed to create a bunch of media that does not entirely suit the project, perhaps due to my chaotic creativity. As such, I feel that some of you may benefit from this and use it in your own projects.

This first package is a large terrain with 3 texture variations which can be used for various game types (RTS/RPG,FPS,etc):




Closeup preview

FPSC Imported terrain (complete rush-job on the screenshot,I appplogise.)

First person view (to show texture quality)

In this package there is 1 terrain mesh (default size 2000x2000 units) with roughly 32 000 polygons in total.

Available model formats are :
5.X (DirectX) (Only for 2x2 grid)

There are also 3 texture variations of the terrain (desert,forest and snow/winter), each at a demanding resolution of

4096x4096 pixels. I've done this to allow for a greater choice in quality. In other words, if you

wish to make the terrain less heavy on performance,etc, then you simply reduce the texture size by powers of

2,4,8,etc. There is also an extra 512x512 pixel heightmap which can be used with a displacement modifier on a 3d plane to create the terrain mesh from scratch with as many polygons as desired. The map can also be used with terrain systems for DBPro,etc.

Available texture formats are :
1.TGA (~48MB) (Ludicrous size, yes , but the format can be changed and compressed easily to a much smaller file with Photoshop,Gimp,etc)
2.JPG (~10MB)
+ 3.DDS
(1 DDS texture for the desert terrain used in the FPSC ready version [created automatically by FPSC]

For the sake of loading times and performance I've divided the terrain mesh into two variations :
1. an 8x8 grid (total of 64 segments all labeled under rows and columns) (~300 polygons each)
2. a 2x2 grid with the same labeling. (~4000 polygons each)

The FPSC ready files (.X format) are based on the 2x2 grid layout, however if necessary there are plenty of formats
available from the 8x8 grid to be converted to FPSC ready segments/entities. The terrain has been tested on Vanilla 1.18 with very little collision issues.

Any conversions of the terrain mesh pieces can be made with various modelling programs like FragMOTION,MilkShape 3D,Blender,3ds Max,etc.

Price : 8.00 GBP

The file is quite large (~150MB) so a download link will be sent after purchase to your e-mail address, instead of a direct attachment.

If anyone wishes to use this exclusively for their project, contact me directly on the e-mail address shown in my forum profile.


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