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FPS Creator X10 / Activation code for FPSC games

Stealth Sin
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Joined: 18th Nov 2013
Posted: 12th Sep 2014 20:47
Hi, Im currently working on a new game, I scratched out the idea of the slender man mechanics and I am almost about to release the full version, But! I would like to know if I can add an Activation code when you start up the game. EX) in slender the arrival when you first load the EXE for the first time it asks for an activation code... any solutions???

Anthony Gonzales
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Joined: 5th Jan 2006
Playing: FPSC Multiplayer Games
Posted: 23rd Sep 2014 20:01
Not with FPS Creator alone. You'll need a third party launcher for that. I don't remember if Vishnu launcher or packer allow registration but it's one you can look into.

You might also find a free install creator that requires a code. Just Google install creator. If not, you may have to make your own launcher.


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