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FPS Creator X10 / Showing a .png file when in a trigger zone

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Joined: 7th Oct 2014
Posted: 7th Oct 2014 23:34
well i have managed to get it to work for my trigger zones now but like if i make a new trigger zone to show a diffrent .png file it shows the .png file from the last trigger zone?

;Artificial Intelligence Script


desc = My Own HUD




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Posted: 29th Oct 2014 13:50
I am no coder, but, you don't need the second plrwithinzone check in state=2.

You checked if the player was in the zone, in the previous state.

Quote: "it shows the .png file from the last trigger zone"

Are you changing the image name for each new script? For example.

Trigger zone number 1


Trigger Zone number 2


Trigger Zone number 3


Just try to keep everything as unique to that script as possible and it should stop any occurrences of the same image popping up.

As I said, I am NOT a coder, but, I used to dabble in FPI a while back and had issues like these.

I'm not even sure that this will work, but, I hope it helps.



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