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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Dug Bust (Open World)

Drunken Fish Studios
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Joined: 13th Oct 2014
Posted: 13th Oct 2014 11:12 Edited at: 13th Oct 2014 13:13
hey i am making my very first FPSC Game

as you can tell by the title your going be busting the ball of dealers

im not sure what i will call it but for now i like drug bust

it will be GTA stlye but much different(lol)
but it will has classic features like Car Jacking,Murdering innocent bystanders and just cause mayhem

You have the choice weather to be a Police or A Drug Dealer
Feature Of Police: cause Mayhem with out getting into trouble
You can do optional Missions you here from your radio scanner
( i might make it so you you can go missions such as hostage,Bank Robbery, thief)

Feature Of Dealerslant Weed,Cock Meth so on
roam the streets looking for buyers
Start earning rep form day 1
you will evenly get suspected for having possession of drugs with intent to distribute
this is where the fun starts! have a fun shoot out with the police or to try sneak away as much produce as you can
earn cash from every deal to help you upgrade your crack house
i might try to make this a Multilayer game as well if

P.S there seems to be more things to do as a Dealer but i promise you there will be more
Please give me feedback of what you think of this idea? constructive criterion is welcome
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Posted: 13th Oct 2014 11:56 Edited at: 13th Oct 2014 15:31
Nevermind, original post have been deleted.

Utinni !
Drunken Fish Studios
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Joined: 13th Oct 2014
Posted: 13th Oct 2014 13:12
i saw a post on the forums about a open world starter kit
if that dont not work i can make load points for each section of the game :/

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