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iOS and MacOS / FREE GAME: First game made by cats

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Joined: 22nd Oct 2014
Posted: 22nd Oct 2014 15:50
MeowMix - free iOS app for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation - Anix LLC has introduced MeowMix 1.0 for iOS. Original gameplay - a mixture of classical lovely games: Tetris and match-3, the player controls falling shapes and chooses what pieces want to delete. One of the key features of the game - #mimimi. The player interacts with the kittens, they meow being touched, hold on foot, sharpening claws and yawn. And it is a game that you have never seen before.

It’s a real catris. The action takes place in a colorful cartoon world, the main characters - colorful kittens. On playing field - shapes composed of colored cats. Player moves these shapes with finger left or right. When shapes touch the bottom or other cats, they will crumble and fall.
To cleanse the field - player may remove cats that form chains of matching colors. The more cats included in the chain, the more points you will get. Speed falling shapes gradually increases, the game ends when the cats are filled to the top of the field . The player's task - to collect as many points.

The application has an advertisement, but it can be switched off. The sounds compliment the game well together with the colorful graphics creating an effect of total submersion.

Release: 29th Oct. 2014
Link ( available from October 29th 2014):


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Ancient Lady
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Posted: 23rd Oct 2014 05:04
What version of AppGameKit did you use?

And was it in Tier 1 or Tier 2 (or Pascal)?

Ancient Lady

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