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Android / Publishing/coding questions (Google Play Store)

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Joined: 12th Aug 2010
Posted: 30th Oct 2014 01:41 Edited at: 3rd Nov 2014 01:16
Hello everyone! After months and months, I'm a hair away from publishing my first game but I'm quite intimidated by the process. I've a few issues I worry about that hopefully people who have completed the process might clear up:

1. Ad Rating) Using admob, is there a way to bind the ad rating of the ads served to the same rating as my game? and if not: how did you determine which ads were suitable for the target audience?
2. Ad display and refresh) Currently, my ads are hidden until the win/lose/pause screen, but they refresh often. Im worried admob is counting the refresh as having been displayed and that will falsely inflate my ad served count. Is that actually a problem?
3.Distribution) Should I worry about the countries I publish in?
4.Privacy policy) What should I be writing (if anything). I havn't added anything at all to my app to collect more than game settings and don't send information anywhere. Maybe the inclusion of ads changes this?

(much less pressing)
In regards to the future and uploading paid apps.
(to those in the UK) Apparently you need a company. Does anyone have experience?
Google requires an address they will display publicly. Assuming you work from home: What is your experience of that? Do you use a different address?

Thank you so much for reading. Take care.

1) Found nothing to say this is possible. The places I did find said it was not (3 years ago). I decided I didn't want kids looking at ads. Decided to block young children from the app.
2) Set to 1 minute. Awaiting complaints.
3) Selected all.
4) "This app does not harvest any presonal information."

Will update from jail theres a problem with the above.
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Joined: 2nd Oct 2010
Location: St Petersburg, Florida
Posted: 3rd Nov 2014 11:54
1) In AdMob there is mediation that you can do to exclude ads of adult nature and many other categories. There's nothing for "rating", would be smart if Google did this. Chartboost doesn't do this either, but lets you exclude apps rated 17+. When using AdMob we took out Adult, fitness/health, religious, and occult. Chartboost only advertises games so it's no longer a concern for us.
2) 15-30 seconds is even fine for refresh. I don't think a user needs to see a banner for long, but 15 sec is a bit fast. 60 is plenty time, but it is decreasing your impression count. The more impressions, the better the chance that you'll display an ad of interest to your users.
3) Publish in all unless you use some sort of encryption that is illegal in certain countries (I wouldn't worry about this) or if your app somehow violates a country's laws (I wouldn't worry about this much either). I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.
4) You can use no privacy policy if you want. If you're not collecting any data from your users then you don't really need it (I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice). You can find privacy policy and terms of use templates that are very easy to use if you want one.

We have an LLC for our US-based company. Many devs publish under their own name. I'm not sure why that would be different in the UK. I know devs in many different countries using their own name. Regarding sharing your address... this sucks, complain to Google. They need a better way to handle it. Our office is our home... our home address is now public. Am I concerned? No. Am I annoyed? Yes!

Hope this info helps!

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