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DLL Talk / NUclear glory dll purchasing and download question?

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Joined: 27th Aug 2008
Posted: 31st Oct 2014 16:11 Edited at: 31st Oct 2014 19:09
Hi, i have ordered the nuclear glory collision dll with gamecreators and they sent me a product. They did not provided me with a download link just says that its a 3-rd party product delivery and not downloadable. So where i should look for a download of ng.dll? Please help

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Posted: 2nd Nov 2014 00:47
if you ordered it through tgc it will be in my products in your account page

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Posted: 2nd Nov 2014 20:18 Edited at: 19th May 2015 10:31
Talk about inappropriate titles and location...

I thought you were thinking of buying it and now you HAVE bought it already...

Contact TGC via the contact page link below your message box..

Quote: "Order & Billing Support is provided here, not in these forums."

Where you see that click the blue word 'here' in the sentence...

I purchased this a month or so ago as well but it appears the developer has done the same as GDK2's developer has and disappeared...

Suggest you ask TGC for a refund...

Please let us know if you do eventually get your key as I would like to purchase NG err again...

It should be removed from the store tbh...

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