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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / An Update: Help with development

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Joined: 6th Jan 2014
Posted: 10th Nov 2014 15:20
Video: Cancelled video ... not much of my subs are really even interested, hopefully I'll find someone soon. C"

A update about my next game. It's going to be the improved version of The Escape called, "The Infected Ones"! I will be needing some help from modelers, voice actors, and music makers. So anyone out there that knows how to do these things can help me out with this if you guys would be interested. C: This will be fun and great to work on! Or if you guys know some friends that know how, please let them know for me if you want, so they can help me. What i am doing is remastering the game, making more of the story, giving the game characters with names, adding more levels before and after the game, fixing bugs, finding better ally ai scripts, finding/making better health regeneration scripts, and making sure i can improve on the engine graphics somehow. I will add people to the credits that have helped me too.

The things I'm going to do after the game is made I'll: have up to 5 or 8 beta-testers, make a manual, make a custom-made installer, make a commercial, make credits and intro, make an .iso image file, test the .iso image file on a cd, make a cd menu (this is if people want to keep it on their cd), and lastly post it on the right places for public sharing so people can play it.

Now if you guys have not seen my other posts or me from somewhere else, or have not seen this game yet, here is a post of the game The Escape:

And, one more thing, this is when i get a new computer sometime or whenever I get on the public computers with my flash-drive. Though, When I do, those will be the times when we work on the game. If anyone from these forums are willing to help, you guys can add me from places listed below.

Places we can contact eachother at:
Skype: arbiterrox
Steam: fpscwillcore

I am Andy, i love Fps creator projects and wearing diapers. I love to chat online and i do draw and share (don't edit fuck with my signature!! I dont work for a business) SHARE my drawins on Deviantart.

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