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Android / Touchscreen input on my Android does not work with my code please help

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Joined: 29th Nov 2014
Posted: 29th Nov 2014 17:35

I am really stuck.

The code below works perfectly on my laptop.
I use the mouse to click on the sprite and it disappears.

But when I broadcast it to my Android phone it shows the sprite moving around on the screen with the text as normal. The problem is that the input does not work. When I tap the screen on the sprite it should disappear but it does not detect the input. I just can't figure out why.

I would really appreciate any help with this.

'red_monster.png' file is attached


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Posted: 1st Dec 2014 21:00
works fine for me although i think this should be in an if statement like so

otherwise try
or something like that?

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Posted: 14th Dec 2014 01:11
@Jonney, the way you have your original code, just pressing the mouse button will make the sprite disappear. You'll need to modify your code as smallg suggests if you only want the sprite to disappear when the mouse is on it.

As for the code not working on android, it could be that you're saving the GetPointerPressed result to a float. Try saving it as a integer.

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