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Android / AGK 2 Player Orientation

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Joined: 22nd Nov 2014
Location: Norfolk, England
Posted: 29th Nov 2014 18:17
I have an orientation problem with the AppGameKit 2 Player for Android. I have three devices ; a Nexus 7 ; a cheap Chinese phone, and a Cube U30GT2. All run 4.something. On the Cube , the orientation doesn't work, so it only works in landscape mode, right way up. If you rotate it to portrait or landscape upside down, it does the 'rotating' transition, but still displays the screen in landscape standard, and if you run an app it displays it 'sideways' Other Android apps on this tablet seem to work fine. Is this a known bug.
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Posted: 1st Dec 2014 20:50
can you not do something with the
Quote: "SetOrientationAllowed"
Quote: "GetOrientation()"

i guess it would cause problems with the other devices that do work but might help you find the issue if there is one

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