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2D All the way! / Probably a silly question

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Joined: 4th Dec 2014
Posted: 4th Dec 2014 19:32
This is probably a silly question. I am looking for some way of building a very simple game for my grandchildren. I am not techno-phobic, but nor am I an expert in programming or code. Is there a simple program out there which would allow me to do this?

To give a little more information, the game will be based around some of the stories my wife and I told to our children at bedtime and they would like some of them to be used as the basis of one or two games.

As I wrote, a silly question, but any help steering me in the right direction would be appreciated.
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Posted: 8th Dec 2014 02:01
Hey there, welcome to the forums!

I love the idea of making games for family, it's very rewarding for all involved. As for the easiest way to do it, there are several considerations here. Firstly, you have mentioned that you don't have much programming experience. Most of the tools The Game Creators offer are programming-centric, and would require you to code most of the game. This can be a bit of a stumbling block to new users. Secondly, there are other, more purpose-made tools, depending on the type of game you want to make.

With your stories, would they fit the point-and-click genre, platformer, RPG, etc? There are dedicated programs available for those genres that might make developing your games easier.

Let me know what you are thinking and hopefully you can find the right tool for the job

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Posted: 9th Dec 2014 11:25
Grab the Hands On AppGameKit book, grab AppGameKit, read, and code...


But you will need some graphic visuals, so some drawing skill will be needed too... there are sound packs on the TGC website...

Good Luck!
oh and post help here on the forum when stuck and in need of an explanation

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