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Joined: 22nd Jun 2004
Posted: 7th Dec 2014 21:46 Edited at: 7th Dec 2014 22:26
just recently tried to re install dark physics on my pc.

I download the drivers, installed dark physics and downloaded the update and copied the files to there correct folders.

when i run a dark physics program i get the error

could not understand command at line ......

anyone had this problem, i must have forgot to do something ?

I've had it working a few weeks ago...

I have phys x 9.14.0702 installed on my pc

If i try to run a demo program i get the error

invalid physx runtime - and im directed to the driver website
This is where i downloaded my driver from.

I have an amd radeon r9 200 series graphics card.
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Posted: 9th Dec 2014 11:22
You need to install the PHYSX package and ensure you activated DarkPhysics

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