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Dark GDK / Step-by-step guide for installing DarkGDK

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Posted: 17th Dec 2014 18:48 Edited at: 17th Dec 2014 18:54
For beginners.

Step 1) Download & Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express. After spending some time you can find it in internet using Google. For example this .iso archive (the download goes directly from the Microsoft's website):
Or any other way. Google, Bing and Yandex help you.

Step 2) Download & Install 2,3 + update1,update2 from

Step 3) About disappeared Wizards read last post here:

Step 4) Download DarkGDK - Unofficial r114 Update(full release)
Folders "Include" and "Lib" are there. (There are some bugfixes and improvements.)
Unzip and drop them into "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Game Creators\Dark GDK" and override old files.

P.S. "DarkGDK Installation.pdf" is in attachment. Read carefully. Good luck!


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