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Newcomers DBPro Corner / DB Pro Disc Version versus DB Pro Online

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Joined: 30th Dec 2014
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Posted: 30th Dec 2014 02:51
I am very new to Dark Basic of 2014, However, I was once an avid user in 1999 when DB was first introduced. I have not used the product for about 12 years until today.

I have installed both the disc version and online version of DB Pro. I noticed that they are two different products. They install in different folders. My disc version is 1.07, yet the online version is 1.09. I suppose that I should delete the disc version and not use it. Is that correct?

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Posted: 31st Dec 2014 00:54

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Posted: 4th Jan 2015 17:08
I would use the original disk version and upgrade it using U7.7RC7 which you can find here:

But I think you can use either with the upgrade.

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