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Music & Sound FX / Free custom made music

Elias Nilsson Composer
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Joined: 11th Jan 2015
Posted: 11th Jan 2015 16:13

My name is Elias and I am a composer that is mainly composing for games and movies. I found this forum quiet recently and I am glad I did since I would like to offer my musical services for someone who is creating a game.

I am prepared to compose some music for a game completely for free since I would like some more experience and some publicity. The first one who contacts me who is creating a serious game will get the opportunity.

You can hear some of the music that I have made in the past on:

If this sounds interesting then don't hesitate to contact me for more information. You can contact me most easily on or simply send me a message on soundcloud. (I won't be logged in much here).

Thanks for your attention,

Elias Nilsson
3d point in space
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Joined: 30th Jun 2009
Location: Idaho
Posted: 4th Feb 2015 10:49 Edited at: 4th Feb 2015 10:55
Hi Elias Nilsson,

Currently, and I don't know when my game will be finished, I have been developing a game for ios, and apple devices called distant lands of Eryln.

I might change the name of the game, but I have made some editors as well as a start for the game.

I currently do not have any sound for my game maybe if I had the game more completed I would ask you for your services, but unfortunately most game creators like me take a long time developing a game it might still be a while before I even publish my latest game.

This game will be an rpg with small quest that use finger tapping as a way to level, small games like matching cards, balance things, or find someone in the game will be the way someone gains experience.

This is some graphics that have been done on the game.

I have a few games already on IOS, and apple but this one I have spent years on graphics. I even learn mudbox to create monsters in Three D.

Developer of Space Chips, pianobasic, zipzapzoom, and vet pinball apps. Developed the tiled map engine seen on the showcase. Veteran for the military.


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