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FPS Creator X10 / [LOCKED] Director looking for game makers!

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Joined: 14th Jul 2014
Posted: 14th Jan 2015 16:13
Hello, my name is Michael \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"yokerclown\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Navrátil, but if you want to, you can just call me \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"yoker\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"! I have lot of plans in my life and one of those plans is plan, what can only work with your help! I did lot of things in my life, what were and are closer to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Movie Making\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", but that doesnt mean i dont have something with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"video games\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"!.. I grew up with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"video games\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and i believe, that i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m great \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"director\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" for all kind of things, what could be directed!

And now it is here, i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m asking you for your help and if you are interest to make brand new (the best) game, what you can make with this \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"FPSC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Engine! I believe that it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s still a good choice to make a game with this great \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Engine\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"!

So like i said, if you are interest, you can contact me on Skype: yokerclown or Steam: mryokerclown2

Oh... And i almost forgot about, what it may look like, it will look like: So if you already know, what i mean by this, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s not just one project, but more than one! And thats right now everything i think, if you have any questions and more than just it, just reply to this message and i will let you know!

Thank you!

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Joined: 4th Apr 2003
Location: Gods own County, UK
Posted: 14th Jan 2015 18:00
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