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Program Announcements / Blake's Voyage

David Rawlings
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Joined: 19th Jan 2015
Posted: 19th Jan 2015 22:24 Edited at: 20th Jan 2015 23:19
Hi all, I've finally wrapped up a project I started in December 2010. It's an RPG game that takes place on a ship where you control Blake who must show his worth by advancing up the ship's battle rankings. Explore the ship as you talk to the crew, pick up items, battle pests, and buy and sell at the two item shops. Things seem to be going great as the journey nears its end, but little does the crew know that there is a traitor on board...

The game should take an hour or two at least to complete, but it saves all your progress when you exit and when you move up a ranking.




old post in WIP:
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Joined: 21st Nov 2007
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Posted: 23rd Jan 2015 07:39
Congrats for sticking to it for all that time.

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Joined: 25th May 2009
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Posted: 23rd Jan 2015 17:49
I like how the npc's walk in place, is that perhaps an ode to the 8 bit rpg era?
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Posted: 18th Mar 2015 23:46 Edited at: 18th Mar 2015 23:48
This is quite possibly the oddest gaming experience of my life, more so as I was sitting in a coffee shop at the time (I had head phones on so I could get the full effect).

It reminded me of No More Heroes, i.e. fighting your way up the rankings and dealing with oddball characters along the way.

The only thing I didn't like was the combat, or rather the maths of the combat. It seems that blocking isn't all that effective. It would have been nice if a good block reduced the damage significantly enough so that there could be another round of combat. As it is, if the player has 100 health and the enemy is doing 90 points of damage the player is dead on the second round regardless of how well the player blocks - its hardly worth defending myself.

But everything else fits together: hitting people with toupees, buffing up with hyper marshmallows, the music and sound effects, the weird assortment of people and creatures travelling on this ship. The dialogue is also very good: "Hi I'm Jack. I used to be big in the Caribbean" (I think that was the line) made me chuckle. I like it.

Now all I need to is find something a little more substantial than a door knob so I can beat Howard Few Words.

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