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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Sounds similar to distance from object?

Deine Mutter
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Joined: 13th Jan 2015
Posted: 30th Jan 2015 14:02
When I add a Sound to an object, it always sounds like ist next to my ear. But i want it to be realistic, so the Sound gets louder when you come closer, and fades when you go away, so ist equal to the distance between the object and the Player. Is this possible?
Disturbing 13
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Joined: 12th Apr 2005
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Posted: 31st Jan 2015 10:08
If these are static objects then yes. I'm not sure what kind of resources it uses but here goes.
1. have the sound you want very low.
2. place a large soundzone on top of the object (object preferrably in the center.
3. place another,smaller soundzone of the same sound within the soundzone.
The soundzones stacked will make it louder. Areas where the soundzone does not overlap will be lower.
4. repeat with an even smaller soundzone for a much louder triple stacked one wich should give you the effect of the sound getting louder as you get closer to the object.
Hope that helped.

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Deine Mutter
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Joined: 13th Jan 2015
Posted: 31st Jan 2015 11:40
Thanks disturbing13, but im sure that Feature was in an earlier Version of fpsc.
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Joined: 19th Feb 2012
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Posted: 31st Jan 2015 14:41 Edited at: 31st Jan 2015 14:42
Oops sorry
wrong post.

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FPSC Master
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Joined: 5th May 2008
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Posted: 31st Jan 2015 22:54
Disturbing 13's method is one way to achieve your goal, and works even in the earlier versions of FPSC. Very few features are dropped as the versions increased, unless it caused bugs or they found a better way to deploy the feature.

Another method is to script your sound zone using commands such as "musicvolume" and "soundscale". Also look at using "plrdistfurther/plrdistwithin" to have the sound adjust according to how close/far the player is. It can be done, has been done; commands are available based on your FPSC version. In case you have not been directed, check the Script Syntax. It has the complete listing of all commands (earlier versions of FPSC may not have some in the list depending on when the commands were added).

There's no problem that can't be solved without applying a little scripting.

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