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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Newcomer with questions about map sizes and capabilities.

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Joined: 7th Feb 2015
Posted: 7th Feb 2015 21:29
I'm looking to make a city builder type of game. Eventually, after I have some experience, I would like the game to be a first-person perspective type of city builder.

But my main question now is about map size. I haven't been able to find answers about the maximum map size that could be made with DBPro. Are there any specific terms of art I should know about to make my searches a little easier?

Finally, as a bonus question, could someone point me in the direction where I could learn about making a map/world that is dig-able and mine-able? I'm not sure what terms I should be searching for to find that or if it's even possible with DBPro. Also, one last thing, any tutorials on making a randomly generated map or world?

Any and all help is VERY much appreciated as I start with this learning experience.
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Posted: 8th Feb 2015 09:39
There is no size limit in that sense. The only limit is floating point accuracy, because the computer stores the model's data as 32-bit floating point numbers. Space simulations are the only type of game that have issues with this limitation.

Dig-able terrain is definitely possible in DBPro. It will involve a lot of vertexdata manipulation. Things to search for on google might be voxel terrain or deformable 3d terrain.

There are thousands of methods for randomly generating terrain. Start with one of the easier ones, 3d perlin noise.

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