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Dark GDK / DarkGDK GUI

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Joined: 28th Feb 2015
Posted: 28th Feb 2015 03:11
Hello all!
Wondering if there is anything close to the Windows forms that I could insert into my program. Something like DarkForms, which I like, but something a bit more robust. Specifically, I would love to see a scrolling list box, a dataSet, scrollbars, ect.

This wouldn't actually be the main GUI, this is a pop out to show the economics and environmental data of a country. Ideally, I would love to create a form from my compiler (VC++2008) that can report data (something as simple as increase/decrease taxes). Even something done inside the game, maybe along the lines of darkForms, would work too.

I hope I make sense! Is there any good, robust GUI that is fairly easy to use? Or am I better off trying to create one from scratch? One with helpful documentation/samples/tutorials would be ideal! Thanks!
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Joined: 23rd May 2009
Location: Russia
Posted: 1st Mar 2015 18:34
In attachment -- many usefull examples, mainly from this forum.
As for me, for my game I wrote code for GUI from scratch.


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