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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Toast Game Missing File Error

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Joined: 5th Nov 2014
Posted: 5th Mar 2015 01:57
I got this thing from this guy I met at a code festival. It's this pointless yet amazing Toaster game. Unfortunately he had never published anything before so he just dumped all of his project files into a folder on my flash drive. I've been trying to get this thing working few months. I have almost zero experience with DarkGDK or anything else related. I barely know any C# (I use Java, some JavaScript, and very little HTML experience).

Here's what I know so far:

1. He used Visual C# 2008
2. Obviously he used something related to DarkGDK
3. To get it working, you will have to change the file paths I found in the GDKImageSlideshow.cs file to the pictures in the toasterImages folder.
4. When I run it, it stops at the "InitializeComponent();" method in the fmain file.
5. You can see what it looks like by looking at fmain.Designer.cs

Also yes I have tried installing DarkGDK and DarkGDK.NET and it still gets the same error.

I've attached a zip file with everything he gave me.


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