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iOS and MacOS / Install app privately?

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Joined: 24th May 2011
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Posted: 27th Mar 2015 06:36
I can make an APK for Android, load it to DropBox, download it to my Android device and install it.

Can I do anything similar in iOS?

Do you have to have an Apple license to do anything with Apple?

I have a Mac and an iPad.

I've published on the Google Play store but would like to test the apps on my iPad before I invest just so I understand if I have any issues of the differences between Android and iOS.

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Posted: 30th Mar 2015 13:26
It looks like you need to purchase the Apple Developers license in order to even test your app on a real device. You can of course use the emulator with XCode but it isn't quite the same.
It is a shame Apple have done this. So, to even test your app you need to spend $99 a year. And if you want to release on Mac's as well as iOS devices you need to spend an additional $99 a year for that privilege! After a year if you want your apps to be still available on the store you need to pay again.

My advice... create for Android first for a one-time $25 joining fee. Then you can make and sell as many apps as you like. Once you have a few under your belt you can decide whether it is worth paying the Apple fees and release them all in one go (or over a short period of time). You stand a much better chance of recouping your money that way.

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