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Music & Sound FX / Nate Combs - Collaborative Game Composer Offering Great Music and Reputation

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Joined: 29th Mar 2015
Location: United States
Posted: 29th Mar 2015 00:15
Who Am I? Nate Combs!
Where can you find my portfolio?!scoring/c1tmc
How can you contact me? There are forms on my site, or you can email me directly at

Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolios on my site or my fan-base on YouTube.
There isn\'t much I love more than scoring a great game and working with an inspired team. I do a wide variety of unique styles, and I\'m particularly passionate about RPGs, adventure games, action games, platformers, etc. As a full-time composer with a graduate degree in game scoring, you can be sure that I\'ll give you the highest quality work your game needs, and my company has a reputation for quick turnaround times on top of that quality. We love bringing games to life.

Some recent reviews include:

Holy crap man, that was fast! It\'s perfect, I love it.​ This music fits perfectly with the theme I wanted. I\'m excited. This music adds a new level of depth to my game. I was amazed how fast the song was made and how professional it sounded. Exactly what I wanted. (Facility)
Of course [fans] love the music…it was like an unstoppable blast of pure mid 90\'s carnage. (Hoverchase)
-Alan, Game Developer, AlanPlease (FL, United States)

Nate has repeatedly gone above and beyond all of my expectations in both quality and service. Just by giving him a theme or a simple tune, Nate Combs has composed for me five different songs [or scores]. My current projects are nothing without his music, and that\'s why I plan on hiring him for all of my musical and audio related needs. I highly recommend him to anyone who requires custom audio and music for their projects. (Floppy Box, etc.)
-Jeremy, Ikinine (OH, United States)

So, shoot me an email. I\'d love to find out about your needs and talk about scoring your next game!

Other relevant information:

What are your rates?

Rates are a bit dependent on the project. I typically charge per finished minute [pfm] of music composed. Send me your budget information and stylistic preferences, and I\'ll help you to come up with a good, fair quote.

Are you a good communicator?

Yes! It\'s one of the highest non-musical praises I get in my reviews. So, if you have any questions, even if they are regarding other areas of your creative mind, send me an email. I keep it linked to my phone and can respond usually within a few hours.

What services does a game composer offer?

Nowadays, pretty much everything. From conception to completion (with the recommendation of using fresh ears for the final mastering of any audio), we have to be ready to do it all. I am very skilled at writing, arranging, orchestrating, recording, editing, and mixing music. I am always open to your suggestions and can change directions at a moment\'s notice if the game no longer follows its initial plan.

Thousands of dollars of high tech gear—like music\'s versions of Maya, Unity, Unreal, Wwise, the Adobe suite ,etc.—help make everything you hear absolutely stunning. I even play several instruments and know tons of professional singers and live instrumentalists, so extra life can be added to your score through the utilization of these talents.

Thanks again for your consideration,
Nate Combs

I love games and game music a lot. I love creating them more!

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