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FPSC Classic Models and Media / [LOCKED] Spinfire Games (Looking for Help)

SpinFire Gaming
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Joined: 10th Apr 2015
Location: United States, Iowa
Posted: 10th Apr 2015 10:08
Hi, SpinFire Gaming is looking for people to create Models & Media for Fps Creator, Our goal is to make the best fps game by far yet and put Fps Creator on the spotlight. Everyone that Helps will be credited in our game and will be knowned for what theyve accomplished. Any one intrested in details and our wanting to be part of our team contact us at or on the tgc forums, Thanks hope to hear from all of you Fps fans soon.

SpinFire Games
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Joined: 4th Apr 2003
Location: Gods own County, UK
Posted: 10th Apr 2015 11:16
Team requests

This thread is considered a team request and has been locked.
Whilst threads like this are not outlawed, they must adhere to a strict set of guidelines.

You can review the team request guidelines here:

AUP Section 3.17 ...Moderators shall, at their discretion, determine what constitutes a violation of these terms, along with generally accepted netiquette standards, and can take action against those who violate these rules.

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