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Newcomers DBPro Corner / function call problems

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Joined: 20th Apr 2015
Posted: 22nd Apr 2015 06:51
hi all i hav i little problem when calling my functions the function call is generatelevel() but when compilling i get this Could not understand command at line 33.
here is the function
function generatelevel()
load image "terrain\scorched.png", 10

make matrix 1, 320, 320, 10, 10
prepare matrix texture 1, 10, 1, 1
load object "weather\sky01\sky01.x", 3
set object collision off 3
position object 3, 160, 0, 160
scale object 3, 5000, 5000, 5000

what am i missing all help is welcome

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Posted: 22nd Apr 2015 16:29 Edited at: 22nd Apr 2015 16:35
Compiles fine... are you sure it is line 33?

What exactly is written on line 33?

Just for the measure change your paths to ".\something\something.ext"

As below


A good practice is to use camel casing in function names, but not a necessity


Like so ^


Also, Welcome to the world of DBPro and the TGC Forum

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