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Program Announcements / DarkNOOBs Tower Defense (Remake)

Ashingda 27
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Joined: 15th Feb 2008
Posted: 11th May 2015 00:22 Edited at: 20th Jun 2015 18:38
Hello this is a remake of an older project by the same name and can be found here.

I was looking through some of my older project and this one caught my attention. Since it was written in DBC my current PC was having trouble running it so I decided to convert it to DBPro but some of the codes and syntax didn't work. So while searching through the codes to solve the issue it dawned on me the the codes although it works needs a serious overhaul, it WAS first make by a team of NOOBs.

So I decided to remake this project and to exercise the new things I've learned. This was not as easy as I thought as tackling a whole project is never a simple task but now it is done. Very good learning experience I must say.

Download: (attached)
Includes the .exe and all the source materials. If anyone care to learn from this project or use any of the materials feel free to do so.


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