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Music & Sound FX / Freelance Composer Open For Work

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Joined: 6th Aug 2014
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Posted: 15th May 2015 16:43
Hello everyone,

My name is Darren and I'm a freelance composer. If anyone is looking for custom music for their soundtrack, I would be delighted if you considered working with me. I can offer most any genre or feel. Whether you prefer a piece with a realistic, orchestral sound, or something more retro and midi, I can accommodate. Rather than ramble on about what I do, I'd rather just post some examples so you can hear the results and judge for yourself whether you like my style or quality.

Orchestral Video Game Portfolio

16 Bit Portfolio

Film Soundtrack Showcase

I will say one thing about how I work. Being self taught, I tend to work better from "creation" details rather than in musical terms. For example, if you want a town theme, tell me about it's architecture, climate, plants, people, etc. Or need a sad theme? Don't just say 'I want sad music.' Tell me why the scene is sad. What you describe, any images you provide or back story you give will directly affect the music I create. Or if you prefer to send "example tracks" in the vein you are looking for, that will also help establish a mood.

For inquiries email me here:
All the rest of my music can be heard here: MY SOUNDCLOUD

Best wishes all,

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