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Work in Progress / V2 Leagues - Not Your Jock's Fantasy League!

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Joined: 17th Jun 2015
Posted: 17th Jun 2015 21:12
Hey everyone! I wanted to highlight a new type of game being announced called Virtual Squared Leagues — it’s basically like Fantasy Football but instead of live sports it has characters (Orcs, Warriors, Wizards, Zombies, etc.) from virtual worlds.

I’m part of the team that helped make it, and we’re basically creating living virtual worlds and combining that with virtual player leagues. So you can draft characters from these virtual worlds and play in structured matches against your friends every week, just like you would in fantasy sports, but in a setting you actually care about!

We thought you guys might like the Realm Adventure League (MMO/Fantasy) or Zurvival League (Zombie survival), so let us know what you think and hope to see you in the leagues!

We're looking for alpha signups and feedback right now, just to see what people think about it. Thanks for your time!

Mixing Virtual Worlds with Virtual Player Leagues:
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Joined: 4th Sep 2014
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Posted: 18th Jun 2015 12:54
This forum is for games made with darkbasic and darkbasic pro, not for advertisers who sign up on the website just to put an ad

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