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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / moving particles all togheter

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Posted: 23rd Jun 2015 22:01
I asked this on DBPRo discussion, but here is a better place i suppose..

I\'d like to MOVE a particle emitter AND (not always) ALL the already emitted particles togheter (the entire amount of particles in another space position)

Imagine a checkboard, the tower have a smoke effect from the top, realized with a particle (from cloth & particle expansions or spark or whatever).

for some reason i want to rotate the check board 180° INSTEAD of rotate the camera and i want the the smoke (the entire smoke) follow the tower.

usually the \"already emitted\" smoke will live, transform and die in the old position and new smoke will grow in the new position.

What i want is the ENTIRE smoke column follow the tower.
Basically, is possible to move the already emitted particles?

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Posted: 28th Jun 2015 09:57
You would move the emitter, so the effect should reflect that moving action... what engine are you using? Dark Physics? Dark Dynamix? Internal DBPro? other?

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Posted: 10th Sep 2015 00:00 Edited at: 10th Sep 2015 00:01
Quote: "Basically, is possible to move the already emitted particles?"

You wouldn't want to move the already emitted particles unless you were specifically wanting to for certain effects.

Like Mr. Valentine said, you would want to move the emitter.

First you would need to get the Towers X, Y and Z Positions

I havnt opened up DBP in a long time so excuse my errors.

X# = Object X Position(Tower)
Y# = Object Y Position(Tower)
Z# = Object Z Position(Tower)

Position Particle Emission (1,X#,Y#,Z#)

Edit: Just saw how old this post was

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