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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Are Runescape macros possible in DarkBASIC Pro?

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2014
Posted: 15th Jul 2015 16:30
I know macroing on Runescape is against the rules and all but I'm wondering, is it possible to make a DarkBASIC Pro application interact with Runescape?

I need to find a way to make an application which will detect when something is on the screen and to click it if it is.

I'll also need to find a way to get the application to type my password in and log me back into the server when it detects that I've been logged out.

I find that when I first log in, the compass is facing the wrong way (I have to click it to make it face the right way) and the angle of the screen is like a side-view of my character (hold the up arrow key for about 2 seconds to change to a top-down view). If I can add that to my application, then I'll probably be able to macro Runescape!

Is any of this possible in DarkBASIC Pro?

I know that I'm going to need the RGB values of the pixels on my screen to make my application detect when something of a specific colour is there. Is there an application that can tell me the RGB values of the colour of the pixel my mouse is on?

I'm probably going to be a novice at DarkBASIC Pro forever, I honestly can't get my head around any of the online tutorials I've found so far. I've even bought a DarkBASIC Pro book explaining things, but it makes the same amount of sense to me as the online tutorials do!
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Posted: 17th Jul 2015 01:47
I don't know what the EULA says for RS but there are devices that come with MACRO tools and apps...

But for what you want... why don't you use a repeat macro that just makes your character walk forward and back for five seconds at a time?

With my mouse I can set timings and repeat loops for the macro keys... so maybe that is what you want because honestly what you wrote makes no sense to me [Well the Macro part did, sort of ]

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