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Windows / print before looping

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Joined: 30th Jul 2015
Posted: 30th Jul 2015 11:26
so I'm going through some tutorials and I'm have a few issues using print before a loop
when I use the code

on my computer running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
the screen is black
but broadcasting it to my tab s (android)
it displays Hello World

same with a timer function and I wonder why in windows it displays nothing unless it's inside the loop but on the android it displays fine (apparently like it should)
Any info is appreciated
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Posted: 30th Jul 2015 12:40 Edited at: 30th Jul 2015 12:44

The correct behaviour is that your example should display a black screen.

Print() must be repeated every cycle, it is cleared after every Sync() (in a standard setup)
You also have to Sync() every cycle.

Your code should look like this:

As you progress you will use the createText() function and associated commands. These remain on screen and are massively more versatile.

Why did it appear to work on Android? You did a single Sync and then nothing else. So you got the result of one Sync, essentially a frozen screen. In Windows because of the double-buffering system, it takes 2 Syncs right at the start of the program to get things going.

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Joined: 30th Jul 2015
Posted: 30th Jul 2015 19:35
Very helpful explanation, I need to see things for myself so I did a sync() print() sync() before the loop and it displayed as the frozen screen in windows Then I confused myself again. I used the createtext() function and found it would work with only one sync, even in windows. Why does that not need a second sync() but print () does?

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