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FPSC Classic Product Chat / [STICKY] Multiplayer for FPSC Classic is no longer supported.

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Joined: 27th Oct 2005
Location: Michigan
Posted: 29th Aug 2015 19:22

This is just to inform the FPSC Classic Community that Multiplayer support for FPSCreator is no longer being supported by TGC. Our focus is on improving the multiplayer support for GameGuru from here on out.

Nomad Soul
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Posted: 23rd Mar 2020 12:32 Edited at: 23rd Mar 2020 12:32
I'm pleased to be able to announce after 5 years FPSC Multiplayer is now supported again!

You can make FPSC Multiplayer games and play them online using the latest Black Ice Mod v11 here:

You can download an arena we made using the mod here as an example:

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