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Code Snippets / Other - [HLSL] Flashing Object with Animated Colours

Chris Tate
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Posted: 6th Sep 2015 22:23
You may sometimes need to indicate something important to your players within your game world. In a 3D game world you can use a flashing indicator to attract the attention of the player. The purpose of the indicator may be to direct the player towards something, or to reveal danger.

This animated colour shader animates a given object or limb by flashing or transitioning its hue from one setting to another. Giving the appearance of a flashing object.

The shader considers the alpha channel of your colour settings, therefore with the correct transparency setting in your program, you can have the object disappear and reappear in the sequence.

The shader constants are self explanitory. Color1 and Color2 are what you need to set to determine the hue; and the AnimationSpeed constant controls the animation speed.

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