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DarkBASIC Discussion / The 3D GameMaker Runtime Error and Severe Exception error.

Daeslender Incorporation
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Joined: 10th Sep 2015
Posted: 10th Sep 2015 20:19
Hi!.Maybe this is not the right place to ask this,but I don't know where can I do it,well,my problems is,that every time that I try to run a game that I made with The 3d GameMaker (outdated I know,but I paid money for that)It says Runtime Error and a number like 139 or something like that.I tried to use compatibility mode and run as administrator,but now I get Severe Exception error.What can I do?!
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Joined: 23rd Jul 2006
Posted: 17th Sep 2015 21:39

If I recall, the 3D gamemaker was built using DarkBASIC Classic. So I think your error is:

139=File already exists

This would suggest that your are trying to create, save, save over, or maybe rename a file that already exists. If the 3D gamemaker behaves like DarkBASIC, there may be a temporary file that is written somewhere every time you launch the game. This location may not be cleanup after the game is run or maybe permissions aren't permitting the overwrite. Check the directory where the game resides for any files ending in .log .db or .tmp

Try changing the extension on any of these by adding _orig . For example : DBtemp.tmp would become DBtemp.tmp_orig .

Somewhere, the program is attempting to write a file that already exists - that would be my guess. It's a matter of finding out which file.

Enjoy your day.

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