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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Macroing on Runescape

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2014
Posted: 11th Oct 2015 17:30 Edited at: 12th Oct 2015 21:08
This website is more dead than a corpse!

I know I posted about this a while ago, but I need help to figure a few things out.

So you can help me work out a few problems, i've added the runescape launcher to this post as a download.

I've recently discovered how to open programs using DarkBasic Pro, but I can't get it to open the Runescape launcher.

I've tried doing it like this but nothing happens.

Then I remembered, DarkBasic Pro can use DLLs, so I added all the DLLs that runescape uses so now my code looks like this.

But when I do that, I keep getting errors like "Runtime Error 9703 - DLL already exists at line 12" Of course the DLLs exist, I can't use the Runescape launcher without them!

Once Runescape has loaded, how can I make my program auto-type my password for me?

I also need to know how to make my program auto-type the up arrow for like 2 seconds, so the program can alter my screen position and interact with the bank properly.

I know the DarkBasic Pro commands to make the mouse move and click by itself....

.... but I don't know how to make it repeat a list of commands for a specific amount of time and stop.

After a 6 hour loop (the amount of time a character can stay logged in before being auto-logged out) I'd like the program to close the Runescaoe launcher, wait 5 minutes and reopen it to start the process all over again!
The 5 minute wait is because when you're auto-logged out, you can't log back in for 5 minutes and the Runescape launcher needs to be reloaded sometimes.

The process will be like this:

Runescape launcher opens
Mouse moves and clicks the maximize button
Mouse moves and clicks the password box
Password is typed in
Mouse moves and clicks login button
Mouse moves and clicks the server button
Mouse moves and clicks the compass
Up arrow key is pressed
Mouse interacts with my bank and inventory for 6 hours then stops when logged out
Runescape launcher closes
Wait 5 minutes

Once I can make DarkBasic Pro open the Runescape launcher (and close it when I'm done) and type my password in, I'll try and expand the code so you can help we with any further problems I may have.

I'm hoping someone can help me work out these few things. Like I said, I can do the mouse commands just fine, but I can't figure out how to do the other little things just yet.
Edit: Forgot to add the Runescape installer, oops!
I speak English, I don\'t speak DarkBASIC!


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Posted: 15th Oct 2015 03:43
dont think you are likely to get much help in setting up a bot script around here, but autohotkey is probably better suited to this. can easily handle mouse and keyboard input, waits and timers and the like.

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