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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Classic Skeleton/Clackety Jack?

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Joined: 1st Jul 2009
Posted: 27th Oct 2015 08:15 Edited at: 27th Oct 2015 08:20
Hello! It's been a long time since I've been here, but I need your help. I have a new laptop that doesn't have a CD drive and so I wanted to get the old skeleton ww2 character that came with the default installation of FPSC. So because I couldn't use my old disc, I just installed the free version of FPSC classic and found that it had all of the characters except "Clackety Jack" (If I remember the name correctly). I've switched engines to Unity at about 2012 and just wanted the original .X and .DDS for the model and texture respectively so I could make a modern version of the character. If anybody could upload the character files here, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted: 28th Oct 2015 12:15
Hello Nights! Please use the Green Help Button at the lower-right of this page, and fill out the form with your request and order/account info. No one is allowed to upload any proprietary items for general download here. Thanks!
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Posted: 28th Oct 2015 16:06
When you log In you will be taken to a welcome page. On this page is a link to My Products. You can download the full product from here.

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