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DarkBASIC Discussion / Slow scrolling issue on Starfield

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Joined: 6th Nov 2015
Posted: 6th Nov 2015 22:13

I have copied some code from to create a vertical scrolling starfield.

The video shows 2000 stars flying across the screen but I can only create this effect with a few[img]null[/img] dozen.

Whilst I'm not using the most powerful gamign PC (i3, 4gb, Win10 - on board graphics) I was hoping that it would be able to do this......

My code is here

staramount = 100
xres = 800
yres = 600

Type StarField
x as integer
y as integer
s as integer

dim stars(staramount) as StarField

set display mode xres,yres,32
sync on
sync rate 60

for x = 0 to staramount
stars(x).x = rnd(xres)
stars(x).y = rnd(yres)
stars(x).s = rnd(5)+1
next x

for x = 0 to staramount
inc stars(x).y, stars(x).s

if stars(x).y > yres
stars(x).x = rnd(xres)
stars(x).y = 0

ink rgb(stars(x).s*50,stars(x).s*50,stars(x).s*50),0
Dot stars(x).x,stars(x).y
Next x
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Posted: 7th Nov 2015 16:56 Edited at: 7th Nov 2015 17:01
Hi, I'm not sure why this got moved to the DarkBasic Classic board, as it clearly is DB Pro code.

Anyway, the program runs fine on my rig, but it is a tad faster than what you have (I7 quad core at 3.2 per core). To make it run faster, you can use the LOCK PIXELS along with UNLOCK PIXELS commands. I ran it at SYNC RATE 0 using the following code. It ran at 1800 FPS without locking/unlocking the pixels and 3600 with it, so literally a double speed increase. Check it out:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that using the DOT command is not the most efficient way to do this, and there are other options available to you, but if you are new to DBP, it should work for you. An advanced option would be using MEMBLOCKS to accomplish what you want. Do a forum search for them and you should be able to find some decent examples.
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Joined: 6th Nov 2015
Posted: 7th Nov 2015 21:26
Many thanks - the lock pixels thing worked!!! I also moved the print fps just before the sync too.

Thanks for you help

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